BACKGROUND: was initially conceived in January 2012 by fashion designer Ralph Pink and was launched on the 1st July 2012. This was due to the huge success of his VIDEO BLOG which documented his debut Couture Collection. The blog site originally contained a small selection of downloadable patterns, video tutorials, and insights into producing a professional couture collection. Since 2010, has received over half a million hits and continues to increase in popularity among the on-line community. To cater for this demand, Ralph Pink-Patterns was set up to expand on the original product and provide a professional experience for all of its users.


With our new site, we aim to redefine the experience of buying and using on-line sewing patterns. Our site utilises all aspects of multimedia design to produce a stunning, graphically pristine and easy to use web site that we hope you will love. This is only the beginning… We have a whole range of ideas and new products that we are currently developing to create a more tailored and unique experience.


Each downloadable pattern includes beautifully illustrated instructions that are specifically designed for even the most novice user. Hopefully allowing each of our customers to learn more techniques and develop their construction ability. Not only do we offer stunning patterns and instruction sets, but also unique products that cater for budding designers, craft enthusiasts, and industry professionals. This is exemplified by the EXTRAS page, which we will expand on as often as we can. At this point, our pattern database is limited due to our being a start-up company. We will expand our range as often as possible and include yet more attributes and products to the site as our revenue increases. We hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to give us your feedback via our contact screen. We aim to make the site as user friendly as possible and welcome all comments, whether good or bad.

The website, including all of its products and features, has been designed and produced by Ralph Pink. The whole project has been a massive undertaking and we are very proud of it! We hope you are too!