Ralph Pink

Ralph Pink is a London-based fashion, graphics, print, and web designer, as well as a digital pattern maker, has been on a journey of creativity and innovation. Born in 1983, he is deeply passionate about the world of fashion and pattern making, which has driven him to pursue all things fashion design and pattern making throughout his career.



Ralph’s journey began with his time at Middlesex University, where he graduated with a BA HONS in Fashion Design in 2006. It was during these formative years that he discovered his love for design and honed his skills, laying the groundwork for what was to come.


Couture Collection

In 2009, Ralph Pink created a couture collection for London Fashion Week. The collection merged corsetry construction with modern dress making and styling to create an evocative and technically challenging collection of garments, a collection and experience he cherishes deeply. Throughout the process, he shared his insights and creative process through an online blog, hoping to inspire others on their own creative paths.


Ralph Pink Patterns

In 2010, Ralph took a step towards making his designs more inclusive and accessible by founding RalphPink-Patterns.com. Through this venture, he offered a collection of designer patterns and corset patterns, hoping to share his love for fashion design with fellow designers and enthusiasts to embrace their creativity and express themselves through fashion.



Ralph’s journey continued with the co-founding of Bezium LLP, where he explored new possibilities in the realm of digital pattern making and design. Through two challenging ventures, PatternLab.London and Designlab.london, he introduced innovative automated bespoke basic block drafting software and standardised digital basic blocks. These creations aimed to assist designers, making their work more accurate, efficient and enjoyable.


Current Focus:

Continuing to challenge himself and grow as a designer, Ralph Pink is curently dedicating himself to the refinement and development of Bezium LLP products. His current focus lies on increasing the scope and functionality of the automated pattern drafting software and creating a series of courses, including topics like drafting basic blocks, digital pattern making techniques, fashion design, fashion illustration, and corset construction techniques. With these courses, he hopes to share his knowledge and encourage aspiring designers to pursue their passions in the world of fashion.

Looking Towards the Future:

Ralph Pink’s journey is a testament to his love for creativity and his desire to contribute positively to the industry he fell in love with as a child. He eagerly awaits the launch of his upcoming courses and other endeavors, with the simple hope of inspiring and supporting others in their pursuit of their own creative expression.

In essence, Ralph Pink’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a genuine desire to share his love for fashion and design with the world.

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