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This is a relatively simple corselette pattern that is great for intermediate sewist looking to learn basic corset/ lingerie techniques.

The corselette uses a material front and power mesh back, creating a softer more comfortable fit than other corseted styles. The cup comes in three different sizes and uses a layer of Neoprene to create a smooth shaping to the bust. The corselette is fully lined and features cute little spaghetti straps. 

The front of the corselette comes with two different options. Option 1 (V1) is slightly more complex than option 2 (V2). It features a decorative front chevron panel and topstitching or quilting as a design feature or decoration. The back remains unchanged for both styles. 



  • 3 x different cup sizes A, B and C
  • 2 different front options
  • under cup and upper cup
  • spaghetti straps 



Decorative material:

We suggest using a gorgeous mid-weight silk satin or cotton. Although this Bra can be made from pretty much any midweight material, As long as it does not have any
stretch you should be fine.


  • 150cm x 26cm (60" x 11")
  • 115cm x 34cm (45 x 14") 
  • 90cm x 38cm (36" x15")



Foam/ Neopreen:

2mm foam can be found at most major or specialist haberdashers or material shops. Similarly, you can find it online. A good substitute for 2mm foam is Neopreen. Which is relatively easy to find.

  • 45cm x 20cm (18" x 8")




We suggest using a fine silk lining material such as Habotai or a fine cotton poplin. As a design feature, you could use a small ditsy floral printed cotton to create a beautiful contrast to the outside of your Bra.

  • 150cm x 20cm (60" x 8")
  • 115cm x 20cm (45 x 8") 
  • 90cm x 20cm (36" x 8")




Power mesh fabric retains its shape and allows the skin to breathe. Due to the mesh texture, it allows moisture to escape,
offering greater comfort than thicker stretchy fabrics such as spandex.

  • 36cm x 20cm (15" x 8")


This pattern is only available as a downloadable PDF pattern. To learn more about PDF patterns click here.