Ralph Pink is a London based designer label that creates timeless, modern, feminine sewing patterns for strong, confident and creative women who own a unique style. Ralph Pink sewing patterns combine catwalk sophistication with elements of couture design and are inspired by the vibrant and ever changing London fashion scene. The brand aims to unite, inspire and encourage sewists from around the world - whether they are beginners or veterans looking to expand their knowledge of industry-standard sewing techniques. 

Creating your own garments is fun, ethical and fuels learning and creativity, and the joy that comes from accomplishment is second to none. 

designer ralph pink portrait picture


Ralph Pink - principal designer and creative director of contemporary, Prêt-à-Porter sewing pattern label Ralph Pink - is a graduate of UAL and Middlesex with a degree in Fashion Design . Ralph has extensive background training and has worked within the fashion industry with names such as Asos, Topshop, Selfridges and Vivienne Westwood, to name but a few. He has produced two couture collections for LFW and has set up a blog that received international support from over three million design enthusiasts. His work and life ethos is rooted in the satisfaction and joy that comes from design and from personal, creative endeavour.

“Creation is a necessity for the soul -
There is nothing more rewarding than making something with your own two hands"

It is this ethos that started the Ralph Pink label, and it's this very same ethos that he wants to share with other enthusiasts, to encourage them to create and innovate for years to come.