Body Armour Corset Sewing Pattern


Introducing the Body Armour Corset Sewing Pattern Pack, a unique and extraordinary collection of corset patterns inspired by modern and historic corsetry construction styles. Originally designed for a couture collection showcased at London Fashion Week, the Body Armour pays homage to the artistry of corset making. This sizeable project includes the Hybrid Victorian Corset, Shin Pads, and Neck Corset (shoulder pads not included). Creating the Body Armour requires time, skill, and careful consideration, but the result is truly remarkable. Elevate your corsetry work and take on the challenge of this exceptional sewing pattern pack.

Hybrid Victorian Corset

Hybrid Victorian Corset: Bust: 32’ – 34’ | Waist: 25’ – 26’ | Hip 34-35”

The centrepiece of the Body Armour is the Hybrid Victorian Corset, a design that combines elements of historical Victorian stays with modern touches. It features decorative piping strategically placed across the bust, side panels, and hem for both structural support and visual appeal. The corset incorporates a typical Victorian strap setup with cross-over laces for adjustable fit, lifting the bust when tightened and providing release when loosened. The lower half of the corset includes leg holes for secure placement and prevents riding up. Hip extensions or padding create a boxier style over the hips, accentuating the waist. The corset is constructed with body-contouring boning forming a V-shape at the front and fastens at the back with laces.

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Neck Corset

Neck Corset: UK8 – 12 (US4 – 8, EUR 36 – 40)

The neck corset showcases a plunging V-neck panel at the front, resembling the décolletage. It features side extensions that cover the trapezius muscle and extend to the shoulder tip. The neck corset is laced up at the back.

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Shin Pads

Shin Pads: UK8 – 12 (US4 – 8, EUR 36 – 40)

The corset shin pads consist of a lower leg panel with knee pads. Vertical boning provides structure and support along the length of the lower leg. The knee pads feature intricate piping details and extend beyond the knee for added dimension and style. Padded with quilt-stitched wadding and fabric, the shin pads ensure comfort and style. They close at the back with lacing.

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Skill Level & Tips

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
The Body Armour Corset Sewing Pattern Pack is designed for advanced Sewists with experience in corset construction. This pack includes the most complex and intricate corset patterns in our collection. It involves structural corset making techniques, shaping panels using Ridgeline boning to create three-dimensional shapes. The Body Armour corset sewing pattern pack is a challenge even for experienced corset makers.

If you prefer a less complex project, we recommend choosing a historic corset pattern that focuses on perfecting historic corset making techniques before embarking on the Body Armour project.


Fabric Suggestions (All items):
For the base layer of each garment, we recommend using Coutil, a durable fabric known for its exceptional support and structure. Choose a decorative outer layer such as satin, chiffon, lace, cotton, mesh, or any fabric that captures your imagination. Ensure that the fabric is not too thick or clumpy to maintain the desired silhouette and comfort of the corset.

Fabric Requirements (All items):
Hybrid Victorian Corset:
– Structural Coutil: 140cm (55 inches) > 140cm (55 inches)
– Decorative Fabric: 140cm (55 inches) > 98cm (39 inches)

Neck Corset:
– Structural Coutil: 140cm (55 inches) > 21cm (9 inches)
– Decorative Fabric: 140cm (55 inches) > 21cm (9 inches)

Shin Pads:
– Structural Coutil: 140cm (55 inches) > 26cm (11 inches)
– Decorative Fabric: 140cm (55 inches) > 26cm (11 inches)

Supplies & Equipment

Supplies and Equipment:
Please refer to individual sewing pattern packs for detailed supply and equipment lists.


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